Online Software Engineering Bootcamp

Designed by industry, and localised for regional partners, our Software Engineering program prepares students to collaborate in engineering team and code full-stack web applications from scratch.

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Software Engineer

A Career in Software Engineering

Software is ubiquitous and critical in almost every facet of the knowledge economy. As a result, industry’s demand for software engineering skills are insatiable. In this course, we will teach students to become independent engineers armed with both the practical skills and experience to build software applications. On completion of this course, our graduates are ready to start work in this field and begin shaping, improving and building the digital world we live in.

Course Content


Our Software Engineering course is intense by design, because our aim is to transform every graduate into a confident full-stack software engineer. To make sure they turn up “wearing the right boots” they have prep work to complete before onboarding day. Our prep work will equip students with the basic knowledge needed to succeed on the programme.

Unit 1: Front-End Software Engineering

We focus on building visually engaging and functional websites on the client side: from learning the fundamentals of the front-end to developing interactive single-page applications.

  • Front-End Fundamentals
  • Front-End Frameworks and APIs

Unit 2: Back-End Software Engineering

Student transform from competent front-end engineers, into an agile full-stack developers, capable of building dynamic apps and websites that can display data from multiple sources for the end user.

  • Back-End Frameworks and APIs
  • Full-Stack Development

Capstone Project

As a software engineer, our students aim is to build a timeline of exciting real-world projects to demonstrate their skills and experience – this is all part of their personal brand, the things that makes them truly unique.