Online Growth Marketing Bootcamp

Designed by industry, and localised for regional partners, our Growth Marketing program prepares students to collaborate in marketing teams, build brand awareness and drive user acquisition.

High-Growth Career
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Career Outcome:
Growth Marketer

A Career in Growth Marketing

Growth marketing is a rapidly evolving field and critical in almost every facet of the knowledge economy. As a result, industry's demand for growth marketing skills is spiking. In this course, we will teach you to be an independent growth marketer, armed with both the practical skills and the strategic understanding of marketing to drive business goals. On completion of this course, every graduate will be ready to start work in this field and begin shaping and optimising marketing strategies for high-growth technology companies.

Course Content


Our Growth Marketing course is intense by design, because our aim is to transform every student into a confident growth marketing expert. To make sure all of our students turn up “wearing the right boots” they  have prep work to complete before onboarding day. Our prep work equips our students with the basic knowledge they need to succeed on the programme.

Unit 1: Digital Marketing

We develop the core building block of a digital marketer: from learning the fundamentals of digital marketing, to developing a complete user acquisition and conversion strategy.

  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  • Paid, Search & Content Marketing

Unit 2: Growth Marketing

We focus on transforming from a competent digital marketer, into an agile growth marketer with a deep understand of data analytics and the full growth funnel – including activation, revenue, retention and referral.

  • Marketing Analytics
  • Growth Marketing Fundamentals

Capstone Project

As a growth marketer, students build a timeline of exciting real-world projects to demonstrate their skills and experience – this is all part of their personal brand, the things that make them truly unique.