Shannah defines her career identity as a People-Helper. Her greatest satisfaction comes from facilitating growth and progress. Her career in the Education industry spans three significant milestones, starting in 1999 with MOE as a Secondary School and Pre-University teacher and teacher counselor.

Hungry to expand her horizons, she ventured into the private Education sector in 2006, managing programs, building employers’ relationships for young adult students, and supporting business expansion into Malaysia and Vietnam. In 2012, she joined an Education Exchange MNC, directing their Singapore’s office operations & compliance and garnering companies’ support for internships.

Shannah is trained in Career Guidance and is certified in Employment Intermediaries (Key Appointment Holder) with MOM since 2013. She is presently a practicing Trainee Counselor with The Blue Pencil, under the James Cook University Masters in Guidance and Counselling program.

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