Nur Iskandar is an Educational Technology (EdTech) practitioner and an experienced learning designer, innovator, and trainer, who has introduced and implemented innovative programs and curricula for many organizations.

He has served as a military officer but left the public service after 16 years to find a tech startup - Schmeet - that developed the QLASS app, which aimed to be the repository of every child’s non-academic achievements and records.

He was also the CEO of the spinoff startup by Murdoch University, FutureSafeTech, a technology company that introduced virtual reality into Work Safety and Health (WSH) training.

He has consulted for Hyper Island, Murdoch University, Bank of Singapore, AIA, Great Eastern Assurance, Mendaki Sense, and Yayasan Mendaki.

Nothing excites him more than helping entrepreneurs and business owners solve challenging business problems where throwing money is not the solution. His free time is spent playing Lego and Nerf with his son, and teaching and helping his daughter design websites.

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