Edison Zhuang is a Software Development Instructor at SkillsUnion. With 14 years of experience working as a software engineer, Edison has lead product teams in the development and delivery or mission-critical software, with a particular focus on handling time-sensitive data.

Having started his career as a freelancer in 2007, Edison loved the sense of empowerment that came from working with code and was driven by a natural curiosity for breaking large problems in to their smallest components. Edison rose to technical lead in 2014 and department head by 2016, before discovering a passion for training and developing engineering teams. With a deep expertise in the government and banking sector, Edison enjoys bringing an analytical approach to his projects.

As a Software Development Instructor, Edison brings his experience as a technical mentor and coach, sharing his skill set with established and aspiring developers. He feels the most important drive for new engineers is an innate curiosity, and has carried the philosophy with him throughout his career.

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