Software Development

Online - 6 months - 10 to 15 hours per week

Learn to become a full stack web developer, covering HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, React, Redux, Python and SQL.

The Skills Union Software Developer program has been designed by an experienced team of industry professionals, to help students acquire the necessary skills to master the fundamentals of front-end web development to be able to start a successful career as a developer.


On completion you will have all of the required skills and tools to be able to code interactive, client-facing websites and basic single-page applications (SPAs) using a combination of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and in-demand libraries, frameworks, and platforms including Node, React, Redux and React Native.​

Introduction & Tools Setup

In this introduction module, students will setup their work stations with the necessary software/tools, and start to look at what it means to be a professional Software Developer.

Frontend Engineering Part 1

In this module, students will learn how to design and implement the View part of an application. We will learn the basics of markup languages and how to style UI elements. By the end of the module, students will build websites that look clear, sleek and professional. We will also learn the basics of the world's most popular language, JavaScript

Frontend Engineering Part 2

We move to Advanced JavaScript. By the end of this module, our websites will not only look nice but also have functionality.This module includes a mini project that will help students master the material in Part 1 and Part 2.

Backend Engineering Part 1

In this module, students will learn how to design and implement the logical part of an application. Students get their hands dirty with Systems Programming. Setting up the backend environment, packages and modules etc. Students will learn about connecting and accessing data from other websites and APIs, a key backend skill.

Backend Engineering Part 2

In this module, students design industry standard backend applications. Write code that other developers, websites can readily use. We also dive into data transactions: a key component of the MVC model.

Frontend Engineering Part 3

In this module, we learn the latest and the most popular JS framework, React. We learn a lot more about modern JavaScript, project architecture and React-Router. By the end of this course, students will be able to create highly performant, responsive professional web applications.

Software Developer Tools

In this module, we learn developer skills that are universal. Whether you are Web Developer or Systems Engineer or Data Scientist, these skills are very important. But ironically they are hardly even taught. These skills make your life as a developer more productive and easy to collaborate with others. By the end of this module, you will be able to write industry standard production ready code and collaborate seamlessly with other developers.

Final Project + Skills Lab

The course culminates in a final project where you get to apply all the skills you learned in the course, which is what employers are really looking for. Our unique 'real learning' approach means that in addition to your final project, you will be able to continue taking on real portfolio projects with charities and startups as part of our Skills Lab programs, until you land that all-important first job.

We're here to support you every step of the way.

Social Learning

Our students learn in peer cohorts, guided by experienced industry instructors, with direct access to a global network of industry mentors.

Real Projects

Jobs in the tech industry need grads to have real experience, so all of our students work on real client projects with startups and charities. 

Student Success

Our number one priority is our graduate's success. Every student is paired with a personal career coach to support you every step of the way.

Learn Online,

Job Guaranteed

6 Months - Online 

10 Hours per Week

Learn to become a full stack web developer, covering HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, React, Redux, Python and SQL.

Frequently asked questions

How does Skills Union work? Can I learn from anywhere?

Skills Union is an online learning platform and a global community of mentors, instructors and thought leaders in tech. We offer online and in-person courses to teach the very latest skills to help prepare our students for a successful career in tech. We deliver our courses from our hubs in the UK, US & Canada, and Singapore, which allows us to deliver to a global audience. All students receive dedicated personalised support, and we offer a Job Guarantee, to ensure all of our students succeed in their chosen field.

How much does it cost? Do you offer an Income Sharing Agreement?

Our courses all cost $12,500 USD. We also have a number of payment options if a students would like to part of the cost of the program through an Income Sharing Agreement. Speak to our team to find out more.

How long does a course last? And how much time do I have to commit?

Our courses are 6 months part time, and will need 10 - 15 hours per week of your time.

Do I get an instructor, career coach AND access to mentors?

Yes, you do! Our unique approach gives students all of the support they need to succeed. Your program leader takes you through the course and can answer your technical questions. Your career coach is there to support you throughout your job hunting, while you can book 1 on 1 time with our global network of mentors at any time. We're all here to support you!

Meet your mentors

Ariya Sriyananda Hettiarachchi

UX Consultant -

Software Development, Design & Product, Digital Marketing, Leadership Development, Career Coaching

Kevin Ruse

Kevin Ruse + Associates Inc.

Software Development

Rob Cobb

Developer, Instructional Designer

Software Development

Vu Quoc Hung

Software Engineer, Freelancing

Software Development, Design & Product, Digital Marketing, Data Science, Leadership Development, Career Coaching

Abinyah Walker

Founder/CIO, MyDMDi

Software Development, Design & Product, Career Coaching

Jan Chmelicek

Tech Lead at Paysure Solutions

Software Development

Mandi Wise

Developer & Author

Software Development