About Me

Yue Lin Choong is Lead Software Development Instructor at SkillsUnion. With 15 years of experience working in technology, Yue Lin has worked as the team lead in high-growth startups, as well as guiding teams in multinational organisation such as Verifone to develop scalable, functional and human-centred software.

Having started programming for fun as a teenager, Yue Lin made the decision to pursue software engineering as a route towards a fulfilling career that was both challenging and rewarding in equal measure. Acquiring both a BA in Computer Science and a Masters in Knowledge Engineering from NUS, Yue Lin has a deep understanding of both the academic and practical requirements of developing the next generation of software engineers.

Yue Lin has a deep passion for education and equal opportunities, working as a Director of non-profit community group, Women Who Code Singapore, giving her the opportunity to listen to hiring managers, tech companies and software developers at different stage of their career, to understand how the market is moving, and what's required to truly succeed.  


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