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We are a digital learning company working with leading universities and employers to design and deliver digital skills training programmes, that help our students succeed in today’s fast-evolving global tech industry.

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About Skills Union

Skills Union is revolutionising learning by delivering practical knowledge for changemakers. We offer online programme management covering the complete student lifecycle, from marketing and assessment, to training, credentialing and placement.

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Why Skills Union?


World-Class Curriculum

We use data to understanding local employer challenges, before developing hands-on training to empower graduates to make a meaningful impact in the workplace.

Global Reach

Covering three continents, we work with employers and universities to deliver tailored solutions that offer localised results.

Complete Student Lifecycle Support

From marketing and assessment, to training, credentialing and placement. We cover the full student journey.

International Student Pathway

We market our partner brands to thousands of international students, creating scalable pathways onto bachelor's and master's degree programs around the world.

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We help thousands of learners around the world to upskill and reskill for careers in the digital economy. Talk to our team today to find out how we can help you.


Our Programs

Our learning approach is built on top of the latest advancements in education technology and science-backed learning delivery, with quality assurance from leading university partners around the world.

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UX/UI Design

Students accelerate from a beginner to a professional UX/UI designer ready to make a meaningful impact in industry. Businesses require students to have the essential skills needed to design user-centric product interfaces, conduct usability testing, and develop interactive prototypes. This program features real-world client challenges and enables students to launch a high-growth career as a UX/UI designer.

Software Engineering

Students train from coding novices into a professional software engineers that are ready to enter a highly competitive industry. As technology continues to evolve, industry requires students to develop the essential skills and techniques needed to code web applications and collaborate effective within engineering teams. This program prepares students to launch a high-growth career as a software engineer.

Growth Marketing

Students learn the essentials of marketing, from acquiring new users, to engaging them through the user lifecycle, all the way through to converting them into valuable and loyal customers. Listed as one of the most in-demand job roles by WEF, this program prepares students to collaborate effectively in marketing teams and prepare to launch a high-growth career as a growth marketer.