Nurturing skills to shape the future.

We are a digital learning company working with leading universities and employers to design and deliver digital skills training programmes, that help our students to succeed in today’s fast-evolving global tech industry.


Why SkillsUnion?

Skills Union is revolutionising learning by delivering practical knowledge for changemakers. Our students are:

  • Self-motivated
  • Independent thinkers
  • Lifelong learners
  • Inclined to solve problems
  • Diverse and multicultural
  • Driven to deliver change
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Our Courses

Courses are delivered online, part-time, over 24-weeks and are based on a method of learning in which students actively collaborate on real projects and connect with a global community of industry instructors, mentors and thought leaders.


UX Design & Product Management

Accelerate from beginner to professional UX designer in 24-weeks. Learn the essential skills needed to design user-centric product interfaces, conduct usability testing, and develop interactive prototypes. You'll complete real-world client projects, collaborate effectively in product teams and launch a high-growth career as a UX designer.

Software Development

Accelerate from beginner to professional software developer in 24-weeks. Study online, part-time, as you learn the essential skills and techniques needed to code your own web applications. You’ll complete real-world client projects, learn to collaborate effectively in product teams and prepare to launch a high-growth career as a full-stack developer.

Growth Marketing

Accelerate from beginner to professional growth marketer in 24-weeks, part-time, as you learn the essential skills and techniques needed to build scalable growth strategies for any business, and launch a fast-paced career in tech.

Our learning experience

SkillsUnion courses have been designed specifically to provide a world-class online, part-time, active learning experience.


Courses are delivered remotely through best-in-class virtual classrooms and learning experience platforms.



Lessons are scheduled to fit alongside students work or other commitments, with around 20-28 study hours per week.

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Active Learning

Students follow an industry-curated curriculum, and ‘learn by doing’ alongside their peers on real portfolio projects.

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"Ravensbourne was the perfect stepping stone to begin my career."

"Ravensbourne offered me a place to expand my knowledge and collaborate with other experts with a focus on entering industry, I hadn’t found this highlighted as much within other universities."

Megan Whittle
Developer at Google

Why Join Us?


World-Class Instructors

Class instructors are experienced industry leaders, having worked in startups and large corporations on real-world projects.

University Validation

Our courses are fully validated by leading universities. Employers and academic institutions worldwide recognise and value our students credentials.

Industry Focus

Courses are designed to deliver high-demand skills to industry. We offer a job guarantee and connect students with employment and internship opportunities through SkillsBoard.

Global Perspective

Students learn online alongside classmates in their local SkillsLab, but are introduced to leading practitioners in their fields and our global alumni network.

Learning Centre

Discover great content to grow your skills in Design, Development and Marketing.

Adventures in UX

An interview with UXPM Program Director Elia Maniscalo.

Finding Your Passion

Winnie Choong tells us about working as an Experience Consultant.

Transformative leadership & culture

Stuart Anderson talks to us about a career in performance coaching

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